Basic Jewellery Care and Cleaning, Storage and Safety

Wearing Jewellery

Remove your jewellery whilst doing tasks such as, cleaning the house, car, gardening and heavy manual lifting etc, also whilst handling chemicals and/or cleaning fluids.  Bleach destroys jewellery, so be very careful when using any products that contain it.  Also your jewellery should be removed when entering swimming pools and spas.

Jewellery is also damaged when exposed to hairspray, perfumes, lotions and cosmetics.  Therefore put your beautiful pieces on after these have been applied.

Cleaning Jewellery.

Soap can cause a film and makes the items appear dull. Therefore your items should be removed before bathing and showering.

Professional jewellery cloths can be purchased  (from me) to clean or all your silver and gold pieces.  Also I have available pearl cleaning kits.

A commercial cleaning fluid is available through Pam B Designs as well.  This products is for gold, silver and diamonds, but not for Pearls or any semi-precious stones.

Storing of Jewellery 

It’s preferable to store pieces in a fabric-lined jewellery box or pocket.  These are available commercially.  It stops the items from being damaged against hard surfaces whilst stored.    Silver and gold tarnish very quickly and Pam B Designs recommends storage in a sealed container.

Security for your precious items

My recommendation to all my clients is to photograph each piece of jewellery lying on a flat surface with a ruler underneath.  This gives accurate sizes of the pieces if lost or stolen.   Keep your items stored separately from any certificates or valuations.   These should be stored in a safe or filing cabinet for quick reference.


Valuations are based on the current retail replacement of the item and also provide proof of purchase.  It is highly recommended that all your valuable pieces be independently assessed and covered by insurance.